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Met 5 Lite

60 min
3 Day Workout

Train at the Gym


If you have a home gym or are a member of a gym, put your exercise equipment to good use! Our gym training programs are customized* to meet your gym’s capacity and equipment—if you don’t have a piece of equipment, simply let your trainer know and we’ll personalize your workout to what is available to you. Or do it yourself in program.


Our progressive training programs mean that your exercises gradually increase in technicality and difficulty over time, improving your muscular balance, posture, and proprioception, while increasing your strength and remaining challenged throughout your programs.


You’ll receive 3 video programs each month, each program 45 to 60 minutes long. In addition, if your needs change or a piece of exercise equipment isn’t available, you can message your training assistant to help you switch up to six exercises each month to meet your equipment needs.


How it Works


  • Download the app for iOS or Android, and connect your workouts to your Fitbit or Apple Watch or log in via your laptop or PC.

  • You’re in charge of your own calendar and can go at your own pace—no more missed workouts due to time constraints!

  • Work through your Day 1 to Day 6 programs, preschedule your workouts or log them as you go along

  • A piece of equipment suddenly goes rogue at the gym? Swap out exercises yourself in program.

  • Add your own cardio workouts to your calendar or sync them using your Fitbit, Apple or Garmin watch.

  • Track your steps, calorie burn and personal metrics via your personalized dashboard.

  • Track the progress of your posture or weight loss by uploading before and after pictures to your dashboard.

  • *Customize your program by substituting the exercises for a single day or for the length of the program. Or have your training assistant change up to 4 exercises for you.

  • Manage your subscription and purchases with ease by logging into your account.


Met 5 Lite is a progressive training program and is appropriate for all levels of training.


Equipment Needed: Full Gym



If you have an injury, illness, or chronic condition, seek advice from a medical professional before beginning a new workout program.

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