Virtual Training


Get your workout done in the comfort of your home using a combination of bands and free weights


Skip the guess work instead of the gym. Metamorphose's  VT workouts help you get the most out of your workouts with a balanced routine that focuses on more than mirror muscles.


Wanna make sure you're doing it right? Our Personal Trainers will guide you through your workout from a distance. 

Enjoy your personalized fitness program, track your workouts and meals on our easy to use app. Metamorphose's fitness and corrective strength programs are now available on your smartphone or tablet, Fitbit and applewatch compatible. Download the app and get started today!  


Personal Training

  • Get fitter, stronger and healthier using evidenced based fitness training techniques.

  • Metamorphose offers periodized progression training

  • Build balanced muscular strength

  • Improve posture

  • Our programs are designed to meet you were you are and get you to your goals. 

Individual results may vary



  • Improve, manage or eliminate pain caused by posture, muscular imbalance or injury with Muscular Activation Technique®.

  • MAT is a manual therapy that helps improve joint stability, posture, range of motion and muscular imbalances.


Exercise Therapy

  • Improve posture, joint stability and muscular balance with corrective and isometric exercise.

  • Continue to improve and eliminate pain with a progressive exercise program. 


  • Learn proper movement patterns and exercise techniques to correct and maintain muscular balance.

  • Learn how to exercise safely with injuries.


Life Coaching

  • Design your life of your dreams with metamorphose life coaching systems.

  • Learn how to make your goals fit into your busy life. 

  • Experiment with goal and time management techniques to create the right plan for you.